The Story

I’m a designer trying to work as a creative director more often.

I’m Quentin Regos.
I’m a designer trying to work as a creative director more often.

I’m Quentin Regos, a creative director with longterm design industry experience.

Creative instinct is my lifeblood. Growing up in New York, I saw the most competitive design market first hand. I curated, managed and oversaw creative projects with lasting impact all at the epicenter of competing eyeballs.

I cut my teeth at the High School of Art & Design and Pratt Institute. For over 15 years I have demonstrated exceptional vision as an Art Director, Senior Designer, and Creative Consultant. 

In an advertising world where things have gotten safe with numbers and algorithms, I am willing to take the risk. I affirm this with positive client relations, a dedicated work ethic, and a desire to make design with danger.

You want my eyeballs, my expertise, and my enthusiasm on your team. For over 15 years I’ve lead creative service projects with Fortune 500 companies at the likes of agencies Ogilvy and McCann. My client side portfolio is bolstered with IBM, Nespresso, Nestlé, Tribeca Film, Fanduel, Z Entertainment & tons of new emerging start-ups.

I get excited by the intersection of creative culture and individual expression. Good design is business advantage, I want to give you every ounce of that advantage I can. 

Creative, Attentive, Collaborative Brand Stewardship with a range of experience, interactions and settings in… Computing Products, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy, Financial, Food & Beverage, Leisure Travel, Retail, Pharma & Healthcare, Media, Entertainment, Government

Cisco, Gartner, IBM, Lenovo, Meitu, Tracphone
BabyNes China, Bud Light, Cambells, Fairlife, Gatorade, Gerber, Heineken, Kimberly Clark, Kraft, L'Oréal Paris, Nespresso, Nestle, Planet Smoothie, Revlon, Wyeth
Entergy, Siemens
American Express, Citi, Citizens, Metlife, Northern Trust
Bud Light, Fairlife, Gatorade, Heineken, Planet Smoothie, Shake Shack, Shane's Rib Shack

Fanduel, Mandarin Oriental, Midwest Airlines
Douglas Elliman Real Estate, 7-Eleven, Hard Rock Cafe, Krasdale, Staples
IQVIA, Lo Loestrin, Smokefreeworld, United Healthcare
Condé Nast, Hearst, NBC Sports, NY Press, Saveur Magazine, Vanity Fair, W Magazine
2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, Bravo, George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Hulu, IMAX, Nickelodeon, QVC, Tribeca Film Festival, Verizon & MTV VMA, Warner Bros Records
Air Force, DCGS-A / US Army

Thank you for considering me. I would love to meet, and hear about your next project. Please feel free to E-mail me directly below with any information you would like to share. Or give me a call at the number listed here 917.951.6932